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The force of the free market has the power to define our public policy. Hemp is currently a legitimate option for entrepreneurs as well as consumers, the only restrictions are on domestic cultivation and THC content in items intended for "human consumption" (ie. hempseed food items manufactured with improperly cleaned hempseed). When the market dictates, the laws prohibiting domestic cultivation will change. Through the market's collective advocacy of industrial hemp, it will dictate national policy and reform of the current prohibition will be inevitable.

While you are buying and selling hemp products, use this page to build your personal network with hemp advocates in your area and across the country. Then use the tools available to get your local community effectively working towards Independence.


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Hempen Handouts

Download, print, and distribute the following informational handouts.

USDA report on status and market potential of hemp in the United States

Hemp Industry Association fact and status sheet.

Vote Hemp 2002 Industrial Hemp Report


You will need a PDF viewer to view these informational handouts, if you do not have one you can download the free Acrobat Reader.




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